What exactly is phptank?

Good question! We think of phptank as somewhere in-between a framework and a CMS (though more towards the CMS side). It has the modular functionality and extendibility of a framework while maintaining some of the content management functionality of a CMS.

Except from a few core systems, the entire phptank system is built around modules, and with the right modules you can build just about any websites you like, from forums and blogs to e-commerce, photo albums and much much more.

Here's some of phptank's core functions:

  • Database independent core.

    The core of phptank does not require any database or database communication to function. You can build simple websites without worrying about any installation or database creation. Simply upload and run!

  • Entirely Modular.

    Except for a few core systems, everything in phptank is done by using modules. For example, if you wish to enable database communications, you use the DbConnect module

  • Employ a TbC loading system.

    Template-before-Core! In phptank you can use modules in the core or in a specific template. If an identical module is found in both, phptank will ignore the core and load the template module.

  • Super easy template system.

    Simply upload a template into the templates folder and you are ready to use your new template! No coding or changes required. Modules required for that template is already located and modified to fit each individual template needs.

  • Modular language system.

    Language files are located in each module (if that particular module requires it). So once you download a new module, simply copy the existing language file, rename it and translate the values into your preferred language - if it doesn't exist already that is!

  • Modular styling (css) system.

    Each module can contain its own css files for implementing the styling of elements required by each module. Uploading a module will also upload the style and assets it needs without having to make any changes to template files.

  • Powerful cache system.

    Just about every aspect of phptank is, or can be cached. Most of the core functionality in regards to css, language, modules and custom pages are cached. And queries done by modules can all be cached. Cache duration from settings can be individually overridden for a single item if required. (Example: cache modules for 24 hours, while latest news query for 5 minutes).

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Full phptank Solutions:

Download a collection of modules that turn phptank into for example a forum, e-commerce, photo album or a range of other solutions.

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Latest phptank Modules:

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Allows you to require a password to access certain pages of your phpTank. - Does not support user registration.


Allows phpTank to display status messages easily after a task is completed.